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What is Fundrunners?

Fundrunners is a set of tools for runners and run organizers. We connect runners, donors and worthy causes to make fundraising runs more efficient & fun! Our tools can be used to organize, promote and collect donations for fundraising runs of any size, be it a large charitable organization or a more personal cause.

Why Fundrunners

If you have ever organized a fundraising run on your own you know how daunting of a task it can be. Promoting the run, organizing people and collecting donations can quickly turn into a big mess. Our run organization tools let you focus on why you are raising money in the first place, your cause.

How to get started

Large or small, fundraising runs require organization. Fundrunners’ tools can help you from start to finish. Start organizing your charitable run today by signing up for Fundrunners or choosing the “start” link above.

Take Action

The majority of fundraising runs start with one passionate person wanting to make a difference. Fundrunners is here to take that passion and turn it into a real difference for your charity, organization or cause. We help bring together the most dedicated and committed group of people in the world, runners.